Sultan has been the capital city of Edirne during the second fruition. Conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet in1453 and Istanbul has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Vienna-Airport-Transfer Edirne old city turkey tours built two-storey house consists of Ottoman architecture. Is the Maritsa river and stonebridge over the river has been timely giant ottoman. Maritsa river beach is very nice tea and coffee gardens and restaurants are located. We drank tea and coffee.Edirne is specific Dew Pan kebab structure.

Ephesus is an ancient city located in the province of Aydin, and here is also very valuable in the Christian religion virgin mary house room available. I first This is the ancient city of Ephesus Virgin Mary visited the house after the house you were the first there is a statue of the virgin mary, then the museum has a huge virgin mary house reached. and lasting High on a hill in a very wooded and forested. cute squirrels here, there and a lot of fun doing movements. Virgin mary house is very here is a small and cozy place in the form of a gallipoli tours cross virgin mary and jesus, here are pictures and statues have always praying and reading the Bible. I lit candles and prayed and sewed there has been a wish of a fountain of water in the vaccine immediately write down their wishes and desires hooked up to a tree. This is a very large
religious ceremonies and rites of every year made. Place by the pope in 1968, was identified as the location of a cross.

This is truly a historic port city of Ephesus, and a civilization which is very rich

BEphesus is an ancient city built during the reign of the Roman Empire. the slope of the first sitting of the people living here were home. The king's palace is very nice here and municipalities There is building. about 1 hour plane ride from Istanbul to Ephesus tours came here. Our tour guide along with the length of the king in 600  netrin there are ways and attended public celebrations and entertainment on the road are made. It is very nice on the road is decorated with statues and columns of  marble. Artist scientists rest position very valuable statue of Ephesus and many valuable human works made ​​in the city of Ephesus. Ephesus is known as the capital of the continent of Asia.

package tours, excursions to Pamukkale and you will see a white cotton castle, this place is an astonishing sight unparalleled anywhere else in the world miracle of nature. Ancient Greek theater hayla Hayle stands waiting for you, and of course the beautiful klopatra pool will add beauty bosphorus cruise in you and in St. Petersburg Airport Transfer the meantime young a pool. in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus hayla complete a port city and the magnificent library of Europe's biggest ancient city that protects Turkey rounds, I would suggest you do a trip on a yacht in the throat and give you happiness 

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